Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Scraps

It is Halloween, and only hours away from setting the clocks back for the winter.  Yay!  An extra hour of sleep.  Tim has already jump-started on the extra hour of sleep by falling asleep shortly after 9 pm.  He is snoring up a storm, and the dogs are sleeping along side him.  Bobby had the nerve to look upset over the fact that Tim’s snoring woke him up.  He went right back to sleep though. 

I’m hoping that I will sleep better tonight.  Last night, crazy Piper got up and tried to suffocate me in my sleep.  She finally took over most of my pillow.  Ugh. 

Today we went over and did some furniture moving for Tim’s parents.  Gladys is just so sweet.  I feel bad that I haven’t been over to see them in the past couple of weeks.  After visiting with them, we ran to the mall and picked up some shoes and then rounded out our trip with a stop at Target to get some odds/ends and candy.

Good thing we did.  We actually had quite a few trick-or-treaters this year.  It was surprising because we usually don’t get any.  So we handed out candy and then took turns with the phantom ringing (our doorbell magically rings on its own).  We had a visit from my mom, Liz and Lucian.  They didn’t stay long because Lucian wasn’t in a happy mood.  I was able to get a picture or two of him, and make him happy with a cookie. 

Since Tim was sleeping, I decided to try a scrapbook layout.  I haven’t done one in ages.  I used Mindy Terasawa’s Moss Scape kit (Designer Digitals), and elements from Gypsy Couture (The Digichick).  It is an homage to Crazy Piper. 


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