Friday, October 30, 2009

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

It is Friday, and I’m totally in the mood for some Michael Jackson music.  I was never what you’d call a huge fan, but I liked the hits.  I have some good memories tied to a couple of the albums (the one that had Remember the Time).  Mostly, I always felt sorry for the sideshow his life had become.  This morning, on the radio, they were talking about “This Is It” and recommending it to anyone who liked his music because it is an interesting look at the behind-the-scenes production efforts.  I know I am not going to go and see it in the theater, but might look it up once it graces the time slots on HBO.  Tim really doesn’t like movies to begin with, and he isn’t a big fan of most music, so it would be a double whammy and he would just laugh if I asked him to watch it. 

It makes me wonder though, how someone can *not* like music.  I mean, he doesn’t hate music, but he’d probably rather have silence than music. If I’m working on a project or cleaning the house, I’d much rather have some good music on.  To me, it just helps things move along when you are singing along or dancing around to a favorite tune. 

I’ve been thinking about doing a scrapbook layout to highlight my favorite playlist of songs at the moment.  I’ve never done one, and I think it would be fun to look back upon in the future. 

Weekend forecast:  blustery?  rainy? artsy?  I’m going to crank up the tunes and create something this weekend.  Whether it will be a poem, an annotation, a craft project or a piece of art of some sort, I’m totally in the mood to get something started! 


Maria Ontiveros said...

What an adorable boxer! And cat - they make quite a pair. Stopping by as part of Shimelle's blog, and I really like the clean feel of your blog.
Thanks for posting!

Karen said...

I have just 'popped' over from Shimelle's class and I absolutely love your banner and the look on your dog's face - what a cutie!

Linda said...

I'm with you on wating to listen to music all the time!! Love your boxer dog, so sweet! (linda from Shimelle's class)