Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Confession Tuesday

  • Being outside today, even though it was a brief time and I was doing gross work (hosing down a high chair given to Jessica for little mister), it was lovely to be out in the sun and feel the warmth after days and days and days of clouds and rain.  :)
  • I am thinking of giving up on the gallery.  I just don’t think the drama/negativity is good.  I’m paying to be scolded regularly and I don’t think that is what I want.  It is just not the right fit for me.  It is either a party house or a gallery.  You can’t have it both ways.  Well, you can, but it doesn’t really work well on the gallery side.  We were going to do a few events, but now I’m thinking that I may as well just find a new venue that has less issues and guilt-trips associated with it.
  • I am excited to be getting together with Shannon, for dinner, tonight.  Yay!  I haven’t seen her in ages, so it will be nice to catch up.  I’ve missed her. 
  • I missed little man for the two days he was gone.  It was good to have them back this morning.  It is hard to share with the other grandparents.  Ugh. 
  • Our local grocery store is remodeling.  I’m feeling geeky for looking forward to the grand opening.  LOL.  But we’ve called it the “Ghetto Safeway” for several years, and it is nice that it is finally getting a facelift. 
  • I’ve only got a few days to get things ready for the Freedom Fair booth.  I’m starting to panic.  I don’t know if we’ll be ready.  Oy!
  • I started a painting that I’m kind of excited about even though I have no idea where it is going.  It is on two canvases.  We’ll see how it works.  I’ve got a bunch of messy stuff splashed around and it isn’t making sense yet, but I hope that will change with additional layers.  :p
  • It is just a little over a month until I’ll be heading to NJ for my last residency and presentation.  I need to crack-a-lack on that.  Scary stuff. 

How is summer treating you so far???

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