Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Confession Tuesday

  • I want to contact the Bravo network and tell them to create a new reality show surrounding Speakeasy.  The arts co-op that always has some sort of drama and/or intrigue going on.  It wouldn’t be a competition like the one they started last week, it would  kind of be like the Real Housewives, but with struggling artists instead.  It would definitely be as dramatic as the Real Housewives.  LOL
  • Tim and I went to LongBeach on Sunday/Monday.  Thirty-six hours at the beach and not one picture.  I can’t believe that I didn’t take any.  It is so ridiculous.  One of the pictures I would have taken was of a man who looked like he should be appearing on one of those websites where they show hideously dressed people.  He was a tall bald senior wearing dirty grey sweatpants that were too small/short.  He had suspenders on *with* the sweatpants, so they were riding high.  He was wearing flip flops and a grimy t-shirt as well.  Not a pretty sight. 
  • Wherever we go, we seem to find some unsavory food situation.  We will be grossed out and complain about it afterward, but we never tell the restaurant because we both avoid confrontation.  Sunday evening, we went to a restaurant that seemed like it was going to be a good experience.  It was awful.  I had a wilted salad, watery corn chowder, and a french dip that was on the wrong kind of bun and the au jus smelled like a wet dog.  Ewwww.
  • Before we came home, we ordered a Tsunami Burger from The Corral, which was a little hole-in-the-wall burger joint the size of a postage stamp.  My daughter and her friend had one a couple of years ago and wanted us to bring one back.  It was 5 pounds of burger and it fit in a catering deli tray.  Hugely obscene really.  They asked if we wanted the 5 pounds of fries too… we passed on that.  We only ate a tiny portion and now are sharing it with others.  Crazy.
  • I wish Jessica’s cat, Piper, would run away.  She is so weird, and she often tries to kill us on the staircase.  I wouldn’t be sad if she were gone.
  • I want to see Despicable Me.  :D  It looks so cute. 

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