Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Couch Saga

So I posted a picture last week of the couch we’d found and purchased.  I was so looking forward to getting it on Saturday.  The truck arrived, and to my dismay, they weren’t able to get the pieces in the house.  We have a house that is over 110 years old, and the builders didn’t have the foresight to think that someday, doorways would need to be bigger.  Silly them.  Our exterior door is only 31” wide, and the door into the living room from the entry way is only 29” which posed quite the dilemma.  The three young delivery guys and my dear husband tried to hash out a plan, but even taking the doors off , there wasn’t a good enough angle to get the two pieces of the sectional into the house.  They thought they *might* be able to get the smaller of the pieces in, but that would do us absolutely no good.  So we had to send the couch back.  I was not happy, Jessica was unhappy, and Tim was downright cranky as well.  Jessica went to work and I moped around and did stuff that I needed to get done while little man was napping.

Later in the day, we headed to The Old Cannery to see what we could find.  This time we took the tape measure with us and were armed with all of our dimensions.  Each couch we measured was too big.  I was entirely frustrated and didn’t think we’d ever find anything.  I don’t know how Tim and Allison ever got a couch into this house.  When I moved in with Tim, we had a nightmare with my couch, but I thought that was just because of the style of the high back (Tim ended up cutting the couch in half with a sawz-all to get it out of the house… it was really ridiculous).  Our last “couch” was really just a loveseat, but I did not want to go that route again because there were always seating issues. 

So… we looked until we found another sectional that I had looked at and dismissed the first time.  It seemed huge and it was black leather-ish.  But, each piece of it was separate, so we could actually get them into the house.  We measured and deliberated.  It was literally the only “couch” that would fit into our house.  It wasn’t exactly what we’d thought about for us, but now in hindsight, it was a much better decision considering the grandbaby and the dogs.  And it is really not true black.  It is more brown than black, which totally works for us and we won’t have to repaint.  :D 

new monster couch

We opted for only four out of the five sections when we were buying it.  I really wanted the chaise lounge effect, so we didn’t get the ending arm piece.  We ended up with three across and then the fourth piece like a backward L.  But then yesterday, I went back and got a fifth piece (without a back… it is really just a giant ottoman that is the same size as the other pieces) and we shifted the layout around a bit because I was worried that the dogs were going to ruin the back that was partially in front of the front window (they were sleeping on it when we weren’t in the living room and mashing down the top/back cushion).  Now they are extremely content.


So is little man.  :D 

Now we can all sit on the couch (including the dogs) and there are no worries. Yay!  Now I just need to get another teal pillow and a small end table so Tim has something to put his glass on instead of the arm of the couch (lol).  I’m also thinking about swapping out the art, but I’m not sure what I’m thinking for that just yet.  I’m just happy that we actually found something and it worked out with our crazy old house. 

Another home improvement project complete.

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Lizzie said...

What an adventure! So glad you found something in the end.

I had a similar problem with my first house. The previous owners left their sofa in the living room - I thought they were being generous, until I tried to get it out! It would not go through the doorway.
I think they had brought it in through the old window - before the windows were replaced with double-glazed ones.
We had such a struggle to get rid of it (but of course we managed in the end).
The new sofa was a compact little leather two-seater and then I got a Danish chair and footstool to put by the fireplace. A much better arrangement for a small room (10ft square!) And the door would actually open all the way, without bumping against the couch!

Glad you are happy with your new sofa/combi. It looks very nice.