Thursday, June 03, 2010

Yummy Things I'd Love to Decorate With...

Now that we're getting a new couch, I'm bitten by the decorating bug.  Tim doesn't want to repaint the living room, so that just leaves the upstairs bathroom that we can work on.  But we aren't going to do that right now because he's going to install a new floor in the office. 

We also need to get his parents' house in order, so that will be my chance to decorate and style it for sale.  I am excited thinking about it.  Glidden has a deal going right now where they will send you two free paint samples.  I ordered a couple that we can try out in his parents' living room.  I'm excited to see how it looks. 

But for now, these are items I'm daydreaming about for our house...
Gear Objects | Restoration Hardware

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Rachel said...

Very yummy.