Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Confession Tuesday


  • I am tired. 
  • I am envious that Tim has a Kindle even though I could never totally give up reading actual books. AND… I am so continuing my love affair with the libraries.  I think I have almost thirty items checked out right now.
  • After going to Pier 1 and Cost Plus World Market, I am ready to paint and redecorate the living room again (questioning my sanity on that one).  I really want a nice silvery grey with some cool throw pillows in purples and reds. 
  • Watching Hoarders makes me want to clean the house and purge things every time.
  • I am in love with my big ol’ computer monitor.
  • I may watch the new show Undercovers just to see the beautiful lead man.
  • I am getting nervous about going to England/Italy and how all of the details are going to work.  A lot of the nervousness is based on the financial aspect, but I am also freaking out about the fact that when this quarter ends, I will only have less than ten weeks to get my act together, get my presentation done and deal with the holidays while I’m at it. 
  • I am envious of Jessica getting a new look with a haircut and color. 
  • I’m excited to be going to dinner with Shannon tonight.  I’m hopeful that little man will behave himself.  It has been a long time since he’s been out to a restaurant. 
  • I’m in the mood to do some digital scrapbooking (rather than school work). 

Kennedy---8-mos kennedy---king

The layout on the left was done with Amanda Rockwell’s “Crushin’ on My Little Man” kit.  The one on the right was done with Zoe Pearn’s “That’s My Boy” kit and Cosmo Cricket’s “Nutmeg” leaves. 

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