Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Long Time, No Post

So it has been awhile since I was able to post.  I had blamed it on the lack of computer before, but now I have no excuse.  LOL. 

Things have been incredibly busy.  Little man went to the doctor for a checkup and then had to go back a couple of days later to confirm that he had double ear infections.  Bah.  I think he’s finally getting over that now. 

We went to the Fair on Tim’s b-day.  The weather wasn’t great, so we didn’t stay long, but Kennedy did get to see his first farm animals.  He liked the baby pigs. 


Tim was on vacation last week, so I didn’t have much time to be on the computer or do anything else.  We did some odds and ends things over the course of the week, and it doesn’t seem like I accomplished many of my personal goals/to-dos, but it was nice to have him around a bit more. 

School is going full swing at this point.  Things this quarter are a bit different.  It isn’t poetry.  I’m taking my elective this quarter, so it is creative non-fiction.  So that is different and I’m kind of excited to have a change of pace. 

Also, I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the last couple of weeks.  Since I am not working and have no money, I decided to utilize the libraries.  I forgot how much I totally love the library.  We’re only three blocks from the library, so little man and I can walk over to pick up books.  They also have puppets you can check out, which is so much fun.  I’m also very excited about the fact that they have these great boxes/tubs of materials you can check out.  They are themed (ex: dinosaurs, roar, trucks, etc.), and the boxes have puppets, books, toys, and other things.  I can’t wait for little man to get old enough to enjoy those!  I also got a county library card so I can check out other books that the city library doesn’t have.  Too exciting. 

I just finished reading “The Financial Lives of the Poets” by Jess Walter.  It is a fiction book about a guy in his 40s who seems like he is falling apart at the seams.  It really doesn’t have much to do with poets other than the main character refers to a website he’d started that was attempting to combine financial information with prose.  But it is funny and touching, and I couldn’t put it down.  I started reading the first couple of pages the other night at almost ten o’clock, and I read it straight through.  I highly recommend it.  :)  I haven’t read a book that good in awhile. 

Tim just got a Kindle the other day.  I’m jealous.  But he has a 50-minute commute on the train (each way) every day, so it will be good for him to take back and forth.  Hopefully I can borrow it from him on occasion.  ;) 

We are starting to talk about our trip to England/Italy in January.  No real details yet, but I think he wants to do the touristy stuff and go to Rome, Venice and Florence.  Maybe this time I will actually be able to see the Sistine Chapel and more of Venice since I was sick the last time. 

Here are a couple of other pictures of little mr. that I hope to scrapbook soon.  They are just too precious though, so I wanted to post them now!  :D  He’s getting so big, it is just breaking my heart that he’s growing up so darn fast!

IMG_1635IMG_1617 IMG_1644 IMG_1615

What is everyone else up to?  Kids back to school and fun on the horizon?  Any creative projects lined up?

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