Thursday, March 24, 2011


Do you ever have just one of those days?  Sometimes, it seems like it is one of those days, but then other times, I think that it starts to feel that way, and then once I first let the kernel of thought go there, things spiral.  Normally, I am pretty good about not focusing on the negatives, so today I just had to laugh because I kept getting frustrated over the littlest things.  At one point, I thought about taking a nap when little mister went down for his, but then I took a look around the house and decided I should take some cleaning action instead.  So I cleaned.  I put on some rockin’ music and I did five loads of laundry, one load of dishes, took out two batches of recycling, and collected all of the garbage so hubby could take it out tonight, and then I started tackling the stove and the sinks.  By the time little mister got up from his nap, I had a raging headache and really wanted to take a nap, but at least I felt better that I accomplished some things.  The only thing I didn’t accomplish (chore-wise) was the decision on what to make for dinner.  The past few weeks, I’ve had it planned out in advance, but somehow, today fell off the calendar and nothing was thawed or available.

Dear hubby came home from work (a bit late) and I got little mister’s dinner made (he had a toddler meal).   While I fed him and got him into his pajamas, hubby went to the store to get stuff to make burgers for a simple dinner.  I put some red potatoes in the oven and read little mister a story before bed.  We’d put together the burger patties and were waiting for the George Foreman to heat up.  I took little mister up to put him to bed, and when I came back down, dear hubby was in the kitchen fussing around with the GF.  He had a funny look on his face, and was pushing my burger patty around on the cutting board.  I looked down, and saw the dog frantically licking the floor.  Suspicious, I asked my dear hubby what had happened.  He kind of hmmm-hahh-ed around and didn’t really say anything.  Thankfully, my keen observation skills kicked in, and I realized that he’d flipped my burger onto the floor.  That wasn’t the bad part… the bad part for me was that he wasn’t going to tell me!  I’m not a five-second-rule person.  I don’t have time to mop my kitchen floor every day and with the amount of traffic that goes through the kitchen, there is no way that I want to eat anything that has fallen.  AND… if he knocked one on the floor, why didn’t he take it or at least warn me since there was other ground beef in the fridge?  Not to mention the fact that he made himself an extra, so he would have it for lunch tomorrow.  He wasn’t even offering me that one.  He was just going to give me the dirty one.  I kind of thought it was funny, and I definitely wasn’t mad, just shocked that he would do that.  So then I was kind of teasing him about it and he got all pissy and defensive.  Seriously?  You try to feed me floor food and I don’t get mad about it, but if I pick on you, you get mad?  Really? 

Then it makes me wonder what other stuff he has done and gotten away with.  I guess it is a good thing that I do the cooking 99% of the time.  Sheesh.  But in the end, all I could do is laugh and be happy that at least I figured it out before I ate my burger with floor spice. 

Ladies, do the men in your life do things like this?  Is it just mine?  Men (if you are out there reading)… would you even try to get away with that?  LOL.

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MidnightCrafter said...

Your story made me L o L :-)
and my darling hubby sitting here, asking me why I'm laughing... HE says he PROBABLY wouldnt do that. But he laughed and said (I quote) "thats great!"
SIGH: men.