Monday, March 21, 2011

Scrap Therapy -- Week 4

Things I was grateful for in the last week.

Laurie Book - SSD Cookie Template
Susan Bartolini/ScrapKitchen - Amour en Bleu kit, All About Me elements
Lauren Reid - Barcode date stamp, lucky cut-out
penny springmann -absolutecherrycrush-sparklebutton2, glitter

This isn't one of my favorite layouts, because I am one that likes to have less photos on the page.  I have a really hard time putting multiple photos.  Especially if they are random.  It just makes me feel all unbalanced and cluttered.  But I decided that I'd use a modified template and give it a shot since the topic was to scrap seven things we were grateful for during the week.  Now that I see everybody's pages, I like mine even less because it does really look too busy, and they managed to keep things clean/simple.I think that is why I have a hard time using templates sometimes.  I get too stuck in the idea of what it is "supposed to be" and I don't just go with how I want it to be.  I liked the template, and I'm sure someone else would have done something better with it, so I'll just have to let it go at that.  And I can always chalk it up to a learning experience.  :) 

Many thanks to Lauren Reid for allowing me to play along with her scrap therapy topics.  Check out her blog for other fun things.

Now I'm hoping to continue to do layouts on a regular basis and to start back into creating more/other types of art again.  I'm visiting an art group on Saturday to work on a project and see what everyone is working on.  Should be interesting.  


Ginger said...

Love your digi layout! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Lisa said...

I REALLY like your LO and think the story is just as important to tying photos together. Fantastic job - Love that you are going out of your comfort zone. :)