Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sowing the Seeds…

… of the greenhouse.  Jessica and I started to build the new greenhouse on Saturday, but a torrential downpour scuttled us indoors and delayed the process.  Today, baby-daddy came over to “visit” little mister (which is really more like stalking DD… long story there), so she and I went out into the morning sunshine to try to make some progress.  We were able to get the back wall finished and the door prepped.  We organized the pieces and it will definitely go more quickly the next time.  Baby-daddy was apparently annoyed that Jessica wasn’t engaging with him, so he came outside and brought little mister with him.  It was good for little mister to get a chance to race around the yard and explore in the sun, but we got less accomplished because we had to watch the watcher.  But I’m definitely glad that she and I are constructing it rather than DH because DH tends to get easily frustrated and I could see that he would probably do some damage to the pieces in the rush to force them together.  He is just such a man sometimes.

This is a pic of what the greenhouse *should* look like once we finish.

Sara Gleason - Template
Jenn Barrette - Growing Something Good Kit

It isn’t fancy, but it should do the trick.  I’m just excited that there is someplace I can start and grow plants without having to worry about the overgrowth of weeds we generally tend to get. 

What about you???  How does your garden grow? 

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