Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I'm posting my menu for the week.  Last week, we had a couple of shifts, but pretty much stayed on track.  We'll see how this week goes.

Credits:  Jenn Barrette - Kitschy Organized

It has been a busy few days, but it seems like nothing has been getting accomplished.  LOL.  We did get a new greenhouse (kit) on Saturday, so that was very exciting.  Now we'll be able to grow a lot of our own veggies.

I also picked up a sandbox for little mister yesterday.  I can't wait to get the sand and let him play.  Hopefully he won't try to eat it.  I remember the sandbox my grandpa built for my brother and I, in his backyard.  It was made of plywood and then he created seats across all of the corners.  In my memory, it was huge.  I wonder how big it really was.  I'm hopeful that little mister will enjoy building sand sculptures for many years to come.  Jessica bought him a water table to leave at our house since he'll be spending most of his sunny summer times at our house (and she still doesn't know when she's moving).

We also, which was out of character for us, watched a couple of movies over the weekend.   We watched Fair Game and Salt, and then this afternoon, since DH was off work on a sick day, watched Red. Ironically, they were all CIA related.  LOL. We also watched a new show on AMC called The Killing which is a take off of a Danish series apparently.  It is set in Seattle, so it caught our interest, and it is pretty decent.  Hmmmm.  Maybe that is why we didn't accomplish much over the weekend.  Too much tv/movie watching.  I guess it was one of those rainy-day weekends that doesn't come along often.

What about you?  Have you seen any movies worth recommending?  What did you do over the weekend? 

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