Friday, April 08, 2011

Finally Friday

What is going on in your world as you wrap up the week?  Any fun plans for the weekend?

I am happy that it is Friday.  It is technically my Thursday because I have little mister duty on Saturdays since DD works, but I am still happy that it is Friday.  My brother’s birthday is tomorrow, so we’ll all be getting together to have dinner on Sunday, which will be nice.  We don’t see each other that often, so it is nice that the family gets together every few months for someone’s birthday. 

It is also a good day because it is actually sunny outside for once.  We’ve had rain and even rain mixed with snow (yesterday), so it is wonderful to have the sunshine to lift our spirits.

We even took little mister on a walk over to the park for awhile before Jessica had to go to work.  When he was younger, he loved the swing, but now he seems a little unsure.  I think he starts to look down and then he gets dizzy and starts to freak out.  But he did enjoy climbing up the little jungle gym thing (with his mom right behind him) and going down the tiny tikes’ slide.  He wanted to climb up it more than he wanted to slide down, but he’s all about the climb lately.  I’m totally kicking myself for forgetting to take the camera.  What kind of a scrapbooker am I anyway?  I guess I will have to go back and find the old pictures of him at the park to scrap and then take the camera on the next sunny day and head back to the park.

What have you missed because you haven’t remembered to capture it on camera?  What do you do about it?  Do you scrap without photos or fake it later or…? 

Happy Friday!!!


JenniferBarrette_Designs said...

It sucks when you forget your camera! I sometimes just do a photo-less layout and make sure to get the memories down in the journaling.

Traci Reed said...

Sometimes, I've found, it's nice to just forget the camera and enjoy the day! For something like the park, I'd probably not even worry about doing a page, if it was something more event-like, then I'd do a photoless LO :)

Julie Ann Shahin said...

There is a site called Unphotographable. It's all about those moments where one did not have a camera. You would probably love reading it.

I did a layout once inspired by unphotographable, with no photos, just the memory. You can see it here on my old old blog, the first layout


Margie S said...

This blog post is a great alternative to 'forgetting' your camera. And if the park is nearby, take him tomorrow or next weekend & pack your camera if you feel like it. When I look back at photos of my kids, sometimes I think I have too many photos of the everyday things. Even though I only took my camera to the park every 10th or 20th visit, I still have more park photos than anyone will ever look at. Sometimes, like a previous poster said, it's nice just to be in the moment and then write about it later (or not)! You are such an amazing Grandma, by the way - my kids' grandparents rarely take photos of them - it's me or nobody! I'd love to have other people taking pics of my kids. : )

Anonymous said...

It does suck when you forget the camera but I think recording the memory on your blog is an awesome way to over come the lack of photos. I sometimes also find that without a photo my writing/journaling is more descriptive.e

humel said...

Since starting Project 365 I nearly always have my camera with me, and if push comes to shove I can take a pic on my mobile which I ALWAYS have with me, so lately this hasn't tended to be a problem. I have sometimes done layouts without photos though, or used other pics that help tell the story in some way (eg a photo of the person or people, even if taken at a different time). Meanwhile, getting the memory down in a blog post is a good alternative :-) And hey, it's a great excuse for another trip to the park!