Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trivia Twosday

Here is my second edition of trivia twosday.  I believe the ladies who started it are on week 6. 

1.  Favorite Candy Bar
That is a tough one.  I don't really have a FAVorite, and I don't eat sweets very often.  It kind of depends on my mood.  The most recent candy bar I purchased was a Big Hunk.  Have you ever had one?  It is just white "nougat" that is hard (with an occasional peanut) and you can crack it on the counter to break it into pieces, but when you pop it in your mouth, it is really chewy.  I know... kind of weird. I have also been known to eat other chewy candy such as Sour Patch Kids (only the red and orange ones), Good & Plenty, and fun-sized Snickers (that is the only size because it has the best proportions/flavor ratio).  LOL.

2. Automatic or stick shift?
Our Explorer is an automatic, but I prefer to drive a stick shift because they are kind of fun.  We had a Toyota Camry that was a stick, and I loved to drive it when it was sunny out, open the sunroof, crank the radio and drive fast as if I were in a race or something.  LOL.  But we ended up giving it to Sam so he could get back and forth to school, so I kind of miss it.  

What about you?


Miss Smith said...

Manual all the way! Had to drive an automatic once and it made me feel out of control, like there was nothing to do. Freaky.

Anonymous said...

Had to choose just one candy bar as I love all things chocolate lol but I really love Peanut M&M. Right now automatic.

Troy said...

Favorite candy bar = Lindt Excellence "A Touch of Sea Salt" Dark Chocolate bar. Heavenly. And a great candy bar to have with many darker beers.

Manual transmission. I've driven a "stick" for so long that I don't know what to do with my left foot and right hand on the rare occasion I end up in an automatic.

Sandie said...

Hi! Just popping over from BBFS and to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Much appreciated. Enjoy the class!
By the way - I drive both manual and automatic and like both.

Jane said...

My favourite chocolate? Has to be maltesers, but I'm trying not to think about them at the moment as I'm on a diet!!

Anonymous said...

I have not tried that bar. I will have to look for it!

NC Peach said...

Cool post! I haven't heard of the Big Hunk though, and I have a killer sweet tooth, lol! I do love the Snickers though...My sweets of choice are donuts,honey buns, etc...As for my cars, they've all been Automatic. I was 20 when my family finally helped me to get my license...I needed to keep it as simple as possible, lol

Thanks for stopping by the blog a few weeks ago! I'm taking BBFS, but have been MIA. But I wanted to stop by and support my classmates today! Take care!