Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break?

Do you remember being in school and looking forward to spring break? Are you one of the lucky ones who still gets to have spring break? A trip with the family or other fun outing? If you had the chance... where would you go?

I've been thinking about it because I am in envy of those having spring break. I am totally in the mood for some fun. Tim is taking a trip to Chicago next week (for work), and he'd asked me quite awhile ago if I wanted to go. I told him no, but now I'm regretting it. I've never been to Chicago, so it would have been interesting. Heck, even just relaxing in a hotel room for a couple of days would have been interesting. But my dear child has to save her vacation days for my last hoorah for school (NJ in August), so she can't take the time off now, and that means I can't have time off now.

Last week, I thought we'd have a typical, quiet week around the house. But on Tuesday evening, Emily called her dad and said that she'd had contractions earlier in the day. She'd gone to the hospital, but things weren't progressing so they'd sent her home. About an hour after she talked to him, she called back and said her doc had checked her readouts and wanted her to come back in for observation. Then around 10 that night, she said that they were going to induce her the next morning if she didn't progress overnight. So we packed up our stuff, got little mister out of bed, and hit the road. Kennedy HATES the car, so we were hoping that he'd sleep (since we were leaving our house around 11:30 pm). But no. He had been asleep for about three hours before we left, so he thought that it was fine to stay awake for the entire five-hour drive across the state. We got to the hotel, checked into our room and got into bed just before 5 in the morning. Tim got a call from the hospital around, so he went over while little mister and I stayed in the room. I fed and dressed him and we heard back from Tim shortly after 9. They ended up having to do a c-section on Emily, so at 9:33, Conan Mitchell Logsdon came into the world at 6 lbs 10 oz. Little mister was taking a nap, so Tim stayed at the hospital to get a chance to hold Conan and see Em. Later, we went to get something to eat and then headed back to the hospital. Emily's mom was there, but she was nice and shared the baby. :D Conan was so small and sweet, and Tim was just beaming. We held him for a few minutes, and then I ended up having to chase little mister throughout the room to keep him from pushing buttons or getting into things he wasn't supposed to be touching.

Thursday was more back and forth to the hospital and a brief visit with Sam in between hospital visits. We headed back for home early early Friday morning because little mister had his 15-month appointment with the doctor. We got back just in time to get him cleaned up and ready to go.

It was just a whirlwind week. Most of my pictures from the hospital turned out kind of blurry because I was trying not to use the flash. They looked okay until I uploaded them. Drat. But I was able to salvage a couple, so I have the one below and a couple more to scrap.  :)

Credits:  Eva Kipler's "My Happiness" kit

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Jane said...

love the layout. I'm looking forward to a spring break!