Monday, November 07, 2011

Happiness Blog Hop: Paying Attention

Welcome to November's Happiness Blog Hop hosted by Stephanie at Scrapworthy Lives.  This is a take on Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project.  You should have arrived here from Pie for Breakfast. I've posted a list of the participating blogs a little bit further down if you get lost or want to start hopping. This month boasts the largest participation in the hop yet.  There should be a lot of goodness in store if you want to check it out.

This month's theme is Paying Attention.  I think that there are a lot of times that I am in hyper-attention mode.  I think, as women and/or mothers, we tend to do that from time to time (or most of the time) just to accomplish everything that we need to accomplish.  But have you ever noticed, that sometimes, when you are in hyper-attention mode, it actually makes you less productive?  Or maybe not less productive, but your productivity ends up going in different directions because of where your attention is focused?

I had to laugh at myself because I always forget about posting for the hop until the last minute.  I always have to write mine the evening before and set it to post on Monday morning because I can't be guaranteed to get up before 6.  LOL.  So this morning (Sunday), I vowed that I wouldn't forget, and I would get it done earlier in the day.  Here I am, when everyone else went to bed, just remembering that I forgot to write my post earlier.  The house is dark, I am tired, and I am cursing myself.  LOL.

But today was a day that I did pay attention.  Maybe not to the task at hand of composing a blog post, but found other things that caught my attention and I was thankful that they did.

My attention getters:

  • Kennedy has learned how to say "Kiki" because he loves the Fresh Beat Band
  • Kennedy has also learned how to say "uh oh" and will now say it about quite a lot of things (like dropping his crayons into the floor vents)
  • Realizing that there was a new Yo Gabba Gabba "live" episode on tonight that delighted Kennedy to no end as he danced straight through the entire show
  • A batch of old photos that I rifled through mid-morning and smiled at the memory of my grandpa (which triggered a memory of a dream I had about him the other night)
  • Our dog's behavior, which was slightly off today, which led to a vet visit and a diagnosis of a pulled muscle in her back.  :(  Luckily, the vet thinks she will be fine after several days rest
  • A small reflection in the dark upstairs bathroom that made me realize the toilet was leaking (ugh)
  • A strange noise in the kitchen, hours later, which made me realize that the toilet was STILL leaking and it had traveled across and down into the floor and through the kitchen ceiling
  • Being appreciative of all of the attention my dear husband was giving me today.  He made crepes for breakfast and then risotto for dinner and was not cranky all day :)  
So it might not be the most exciting or best-planned blog post for today, but it is what it is, and I'll try harder next time.

What is capturing your attention these days?

Next up is our hostess... Stephanie. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Love your post even though it was last minute. You sound a lot like me as I am always doing that!

Stephanie Medley-Rath said...

Makes you not want to pay attention when you discover a leaking toilet! Thanks for participating!

Melissa Shanhun said...

Love that you can document all those little and big things! Paying attention pays off!