Sunday, January 08, 2012

Crafty McCrafterson

I love getting crafty, but I don't seem to do it very often.  Yesterday, I had the prime opportunity to get my craft on because my DD was going to go to Oregon to visit her 4-year old half brother Bo (and new baby brother Robbie), and she needed help with Bo's present.

It seems the sweet little angel boy told his parents that he wanted a "wish box" for Christmas.  He wanted a wish box so he could put all of his "secret wishes inside and pretend they came true"... after hearing that, Jessica was bound and determined to get him a wish box.  Of course her working full time and having a wee small child doesn't lend itself to a lot of time to spend crafting.  So I got involved, and a wish box was created.

I was excited to get a chance to use my new Silhouette Cameo that Tim got me for Christmas.  :D  I cut out the "wish" wordart on the Cameo, and just used a couple of pieces of old Cosmo Cricket paper I had in the craft room.  I cut it to fit the plain recipe card box, gave it a little brown paint around the edges, and then put some Martha Stewart glitter on the inside of the lid.  Bo is probably not allowed to have glitter in his daily life.  His dad is a total conservative man's man and won't put up with anything remotely girly, but how can you have a wish box without glitter?  

This morning, I found a template and put together a little book for him to tuck inside the wish box.  It was just a piece of cardboard, scored and folded.  I put the Cosmo Cricket scraps of paper on the outside and then took a stack of paper lunch bags, cut the pages to fit, sewed a seam down the middle of the stack and then glued the front and back page into the book.  A "manly" wish box if I've ever seen one.

I'm wishing I would have painted the inside of the box brown, but I was running out of time and paint and just opted to leave it alone.  A four year old can't be that picky, can they?

So that was sort of a fun little craft project for the day, and I used up a few old supplies.  I loved that paper so I never used it before, but I only had two sheets, and I don't know what I would have ended up using it with, so I thought it would work well.  I hope he likes it.

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