Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

Here are some of my most recent faves on Pinterest.

Source: via

Love that wallpaper, the couch and the number 56.  
Source: (no original source) via  Paula Kesserling on Pinterest

There are no words to describe how I love this...
Source via Brynn Zirkle Dukes on Pinterest
This I'm using for my One Little Word...
Source via Kristin Merritt on Pinterest
And of course there has to be something yummy
Source via Royanna Hohl Fritschmann on Pinterest

And a yummy of another kind.  Funny and yummy...

Reminds me of something my mom said the other day.
Source:, via Kelly Agodon on Pinterest.

What have you pinned for me lately?


Cheryl E. said...

Great pins :)


Amanda said...

Ryan Goslings eyes... Yes, please!

Nela said...

Love the last quote! :) It's very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

lsaz said...

Great pins, I love the bitch face pin. It is totally me and I get called out for it a lot!

Lisa said...

Bitch face pin cracked me up. Sometimes I have to wonder if that's how I come off to people. Also the Ryan G. pin made me laugh too.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Great pins! I'm partial to the Ryan one because I blogged about him Monday ;)

Ashlyn said...

love that couch, those cookies, and how could I forget the gorgeous Ryan Gosling {I die}

Love your pins!
Happy Wednesday

Amy Powell said...

Great pins! I love all the Ryan Gosling memes everywhere. It's hilarious!

Naomi said...

There is so much to explore on your blog... I've subscribed on Google Reader (do you get notified when that happens?) so I can come back soon and follow along on all your fun projects.