Thursday, January 05, 2012

Social Skills

So today, I realized that I have no social life.  Well, not much of one anyway.  I have been planning on starting my first attempt at Project Life, but it dawned on me that I don't have much to document on a weekly basis.  Pretty much all of my weeks are looking the same these days.  The high point of my week is generally Thursday.  I take little mister to the Little Gym and have some minor social interaction with the parents, kids and group leader.  It is sad.  I also have a weekly phone call with my Masters program mentor on Thursday afternoons.  Another pathetic point to chalk up to a lame social life.  Tim is pretty much a homebody, so we don't even do social things as a couple or with other couples/friends.

Then tonight, the *real* high point of my day/week was that I was able to participate in an online "speed scrap" with several other women.  So now my social life consists of online activities, school and child-related functions.  *sigh*  But I did have to giggle because for the speed scrap, we had to pick bold patterned papers and have three different pictures.  I ended up choosing pictures from the night that Shannon, Jessica, Amy and I had dinner together at Jimmy Mac's (back in August).  I felt it was ironic to be participating in an online group and scrapping about one of the few social activities I've had in the past few months.  :)  I guess, looking back at the calendar, I have had other social activities, but times like tonight, they feel unfortunately few and far between.

Note to self for 2012:  plan more social outings!

What about you?  Do you get out a lot?  Do you have a lot of friends or your significant other that you can go and do things with? 

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Shannon Finch said...

Such a cute page! We need to continue doing these social dinners! I miss seeing you :-) Thanks for including me in your fun layouts.