Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Things

So since I nearly forgot about 10 things on the 10th of the month, I am going to do a quick post and use the theme of family (from NaBloPoMo) for my ten things.

Ten things you may or may not know about my family:

Liz & Jessica
  • For awhile, I forgot I had a sister.  My sister was born when I was 18 and out of the house, so for a little while, if people asked me if I had siblings, I would only mention my brother.  (Sorry, Lizzy.)  But now I have it under control and will always mention her.  Which leads to...
  • My daughter and my sister are the same age.  My sister is two months and a day older than Jessica, so my mom and I were pregnant at the same time.  I swear, Father of the Bride II stole our story, although we didn't go into labor at the same time (obviously). 
  • For a little over a year (in 2001-02), my brother and I lived next door to each other, but the only time we really saw each other was when we ran into each other in the grocery store.  
  • My grandma is going to be 92 in two months.  Today would have been my grandpa's 100th birthday (if he was still alive).  My grandma is still living on her own, driving, and in good health (in spite of the car accident she had on Wednesday afternoon).  
  • My mom and her mom (my grandma) haven't talked in about 24 years.  Lots of old family issues that could never be resolved and came to the breaking point when I was pregnant with my daughter.  They got in a fight then, and weren't even in the same room with each other until my bridal shower sixteen years later (where they ignored each other).  
  • My mom was adopted when she was 6.  She was taken from an abusive home and adopted out to my grandparents.  When I was 16, she found out about her birth family.  Every once in awhile she learns something new about them.  One of the "fun" facts is that her biological grandmother participated in the "world's oldest profession."
  • My in-laws are about the same age as my grandma.  My MIL is 91 and my FIL is 88.  It seemed sort of strange at first, but they are really really sweet people.
  • My step-daughter and step-son moved to and live in Walla Walla, with their mom.  We don't get to see them often nowadays, but when Tim and I first got together, we had one or the other of the kids for several years.  Tim is a great dad, and his kids should feel lucky to have him.  
  • My dad committed suicide in May of 2008.  It still bothers me and makes me feel bad.  We weren't close at the time, so I guess that makes me feel even more guilty.  
  • He was not my biological dad.  My biological dad (and his family) didn't want to have anything to do with me.  He signed over any rights to me when my mom married and my dad adopted me.  To this day, I have never had any contact with my biological dad.  I don't really care to.  My mom thinks that is odd since it was a big thing for her to find her biological roots. 

So that is that.  

What sorts of oddities do you have in your family tree?

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Tammy said...

Very interesting list! My family is pretty boring so maybe not much. But my Dad's sister and my four cousins lived next door while I was growing up. Funny how you can either spend as much time as you want together or never see each other at all. We probably saw them more at church and the doctor's office than in each other's homes! Until the holidays and then we were always together. :)