Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Month in Numbers: February 2013

I saw the month in numbers idea on Pinterest by Julie Kirk at the notesonpaper blog quite some time ago, but this is my first attempt, so I'm keeping it simple.  I figure since I've been keeping track of some things for Project Life, this is kind of a natural progression.  :)  I love numbers and can't wait to get other, more creative ideas for upcoming months.

Credits: A is for Awesome elements/papers/snarky snippets by Michelle Godin; Free Spirit alpha by CD Muckosky

What did you do during February?


Jerrie Luginbill said...

Greetings from the north...Thanks for visiting me!
I love your layout. It's very fun.

Nanna Kate said...

This is very cute! Love that you've scrapped it! Hope to see you next month! Happy march! Xxx

Sheena said...

Loving your month in numbers x
Wow thats a lot of Lo's in a month :)
Are you loving PL ? this is my second year & I'm hooked x

Nathalie said...

Beautiful way to present your numbers! Very fun to read! I can't believe you can create 25 layouts + PL spreads in one month but I can totally see myself replay Girl on Fire several times as I love singing it really loud in the car whenever it's on the radio ;)

Tamara said...

Oh I looove your page. I must try and scrap my numbers but haven't found time yet.

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Kimberlee and welcome aboard! Lovely to have your company.

I *love* that you're another Project Lifer who's found their way to Month in Numbers! They realy seem a perfect match!

I noticed the correlation between the number of loads of laundry and the number of headaches ... maybe there's a link! ;-) I'm hoping the trip to the zoo made up for it.

I bet it felt so satisfying deleting all that space on your harddrive - I need a spring clean of my own!

Your post is on the board now with the others:

Have a great March!

Julie :-)

KraftyKaren said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog - love how you have presented your numbers but ouch to the number of headaches - hope March will bring less of those.

Sadly my band weekend has not happened both my DH and I are laid up in bed with flu and were not fit to make the journey to The Netherlands - my March numbers will begin with the number of tears that I have shed!!!