Thursday, November 21, 2013

Art Journaling Tips & Tricks | A MSA Post

I often run across fun little art journaling videos on You Tube or Vimeo.  They aren't "digital" art journaling, but they can always be translated from physical journaling into digital... it just takes looking at it in a different way.
Here is an example.  A fun little tutorial by Katarzyna Krzyminska on You Tube.
It is three minutes and 45 seconds of inspiration for creating a bare bones art journal page.  And yes, it is a physical page where she instructs you to use your fingers to paint.  But if you ignore that, you can do the same type of page digitally.  One of the major points of her page is to use multiple layers... and how easy is it to do those digitally?  Super easy.  No finger mess, but you can still get a great page out of it.
For example... take a Krafty Mess paper as your background.

Use some of these Love Snips definitions to layer...
or use these fun masks 

and combine them with some newspaper to replicate the text that was used in the video


use some washi tape...

and find some paint...

Then add some elements on top of it all like some of the number strips, flowers, staples, or word art or a fun butterfly...

or rifle through some of the gorgeousness in this fun kit by Sissy Sparrows

I'd love to see your page if you create something fun, quick & easy based on the inspiration video. Link us up!

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