Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hung Up On All The Pretty Girls | A MSA Post

When I was focused on digital scrapping, I never really considered kits that had art dolls or any sort of figurines other than vintage cartoons.  And while I still have a special affinity for vintage images, I have grown to appreciate the art dolls or figures that can be used in so many different ways.
One of the things I like about them is that you can use them in place of a picture.  Sometimes you have a feeling/emotion that you want to scrap/journal, but you don't have a fitting photo.  Voila!  The perfect opportunity to use a doll/figure on the page in place of a photo. You can also use them to support a photo. Easy peasy.  And if you want, you can use the marquee tool to select only part of a figure/doll to add some quirkiness to a page or create a multi-doll collaged image.
Here are some examples of art dolls/figures that are around the net so hopefully you can find some inspiration or see them from a different point of view.  So... all the pretty girls...

by finecraft

Three Mermaid Sisters via Kim Pennington on etsy

The Circus Girl (mixed media art) on etsy

by teawithlemon

by jeanned

by Teesha Moore

by Anahata Katkin

by flentes

by Wilma

by butterflie1

by April Cole

by Saatchi
by Kate Crane of thekathrynwheel

by Dale

by Minjae Lee

Tangie Baxter - Goddesses Bundle

And just because I couldn't resist... I've also been really hung up on this song lately, which is another reason for this post.

I hope you found something that you liked or something that gave you an idea of how to use a pretty girl on one of your pages.  Link us up if you have a pretty girl page.

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