Monday, November 11, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude

It seems like life is super busy these days.  I don't think that we tend to glorify it in our house, but these are wise words to keep in mind. Sometimes we take for granted that we will have time to do the things we want to do.  There are no guarantees though, so we need to stop the busy-making and start some conscious living!

One of the ways I like to live a little more consciously is to participate in the 30 Days of Gratitude that happens in November.  I've been doing it for quite awhile now, and it is a great way to slow down, stop, and think about the things that you may take for granted at other times.  I usually keep track of mine on Facebook, so it is easier to remember and I can do it from virtually anywhere.  

Some things I've been grateful for in the past week...

Day 8 - Taking Kennedy to get a hot cocoa at Starbuck's. He was so excited and thought it was such a treat. He couldn't wait to get the order placed (and the line was over 15 cars long), and kept asking, "Are we there yet?". I really didn't want to wait in that line, but it was worth it when he had his little cup and was sipping away & enjoying it.

Day 7 - a cozy bed (aka the poppy field) when it is cold and super stormy out. 

Day 6 - Grateful that Jessica cooked dinner tonight. 

Day 5 - Thankful for my furry friend. #30daysofgratitude

Day 4 - Thankful for going to lunch with my grandma and then to massage therapy. Now off to get some writing done. 

Day 3 - Thankful for the Twisted Kilt's yummy corned beef sandwich... and a night of no cooking. 

Day 2 - Digital scrapbook day... lots of fun and sales. And I'm so lucky to be on the best creative teams and working with the coolest designers ever!!!

Day 1 - Thankful for Friday morning dance parties with Kennedy. 

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