Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Year, New Opportunity

It is a new year and a new opportunity to get started with the 2014 edition of Project Life!

And welcome to the 2014 Digital Project Life Blog Circle. Since diving into PL, I've found a great community of lovely and supportive ladies who all want to document and share their memories.  The wonderful Kristi Em organized a blog circle to share layouts and inspiration.  Please be sure to click on the next blog and head around the circle to see everyone!  The next blog to visit is Lyn's at Robot Days.

Last year, my Project Life endeavors didn't quite reach goal level.  I started off well, but somehow got stuck on all of the pictures I had for Week 15-16, so I stalled out. I did do a few other random weeks, but still have over half of the year to finish.  Yikes.  But at least it was better than 2012.  I think I only did the first two weeks.  Hahaha. Since my daughter, Jessica, is going to be doing Project Life (the traditional/physical version) this year, I figure we will help keep each other on track, so I *should* get farther along... and hopefully finish the whole year!

I've been struggling with the front page, but this is what I have so far:

Credits: Valorie Wibbens: Pockets No. 6, Pocket Fillers; Allison Pennington: Twirl cards, IPASOY star ellies, Mars vs. Venus ellies; Amy Martin: 4x6 Stitched; Just Jaimee: Merry & Bright bling glitter style; Caylee Grey: Hello 2014; Becky Higgens: Rain, Midnight, Polka Dot Party

This year I hope to:

  • Create divider pages for the month
  • Use more monograms for the quotes I add to journal cards
  • Play with photo sizes and spread a photo over more than one box
  • Keep up and find my own style and process
What are your hopes and wishes for PL this year?

Thanks for stopping by. 

Don't forget... the next blog to visit is Lyn's at Robot Days and hopefully we will see you next month!


Anonymous said...

Love your title page! I also failed at last year's PL...I think I made it to week 9? So I'll be working on catching that up also!

Stacy said...

I plan to work on the same week/month from 2013 as I work on 2014 in order to catch up, but staying current on this year is my priority! Good luck, perhaps we can help each other stay on track!

Anika said...

this year will be better, because we will motivate each other!! ;)

Anna Rose said...

Lovely page and super nice pictures. Feels good to here that there is more than I that fell behind last year. Lats to it right this year and find out how is feel together!

Melissa Carroll said...

I just love your title page. So beautiful. Happy to connect with of you creative ladies. Cheers!

Jen said...

The little shark is super cute!!! I'm planning to work parallel with my 2013 PL pages...

Kristi said...

you're off to a great start! I did almost half of 2012 in April of 2013 so it's completely doable!!!

Helen B said...

I love your title page! The black and white with the baby blue is so pretty too! I think I stalled out about the same time you did in 2013 :) I gotta try to get caught up on that as I do 2014, if possible :)