Thursday, February 20, 2014

Art Journaling Overlay Tips/Tutorial | A MSA Post

I love using designers' overlays on my art journal and scrap pages. I always feel that they add a little something. Whether it is a border or another spot on the page, you can add a little bit of visual/textural interest by using overlays.
Here are some of my favorite go-to overlay/brushes to use on pages.

These are all yummy on their own. But what happens if you combine them?
If you didn't already know, The Lilypad hosted a "Month of Challenges" in January. Scrappers could choose to participate in a new challenge every day. Some were simple, some were more complex. Some pushed people beyond their comfort zones.
One of the daily challenges was to create your own overlay. Dalis created a simple tutorial that really shows how to stretch your scrap/art journal stash and come up with endless possibilities for your pages. Mix two or three (or more) elements together to create your own overlay. Play with the layer styles and opacity. Again, endless possibilities.  Brilliant.
I thought I'd share her tutorial and open your mind to all of the options in front of you, and then show some of the examples from pages that really made an impact.

And the examples:

This is one I made. I combined word art, thread and a butterfly, then changed the layer style to overlay.
by Kimberlee

She used the melon color with her overlay to make her page pop and add texture and depth.
by TwoTinyTurtles

Another great example of texture added to the page.
by misslovescraps

Taking brushwork to a new level

Wonderful painty goodness
by chocochoco

This gorgeousness started out as a black background. Wow.
by Natascha

Beautiful stamps/brushes and paint.
by Jeanet

And another fabulous example of adding texture and depth to a page with overlays.
by Pagefrocks

I hope you found something useful or inspiring. I hope that this has offered you a new way to look at and expand your digital stash If you enjoyed the video, leave Dalis some love over at YouTube.
Link us up if you create and use overlays of your own.

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