Friday, February 14, 2014

Crazy January

Last month was a whole lot of crazy. we had so many different things going on. There was little mister's fourth birthday (and party), Superbowl (Seahawks won!!!), our anniversary (9 years married, 12+ together), I went to a great poetry workshop, and the Month of Challenges was happening over at The Lilypad. The idea was that every day they posted a new scrap challenge and you had a chance of winning a daily prize or a guest spot as a Polly. I managed (unbelievably) to get them all finished. And not only did I finish all 31, but I also did their regular challenges (+7) and a few for my other CTs.  It was a scrap-crazy month! They had 150 people finish all 31 challenges, which is pretty cool. February will feel tame in comparison.

But we have a lot of  DIY projects in front of us at the beach house. We realized the kitchen/laundry/ bathroom plumbing is all messed up, so Tim is tearing it all out and starting over. It is quite the chore. Right now, the entire kitchen/laundry area is torn up. We have holes in the floors and no base cabinets at the moment. The washer is in the middle of the hall, the cabinets are in the living room and the dryer is on the front porch. We have been sink-less for days.  I will be relieved when he gets that in (hopefully tomorrow). Yikes. Then we'll have to get the countertops on, paint the base cabinets, tile under the washer, put a backsplash up, and then once all of that is finished, figure out what we're going to do with the upper cabinets (and when).

For now, I'm just trying to get caught up on the rest of life and share the pages I did last month.  Some I loved. Some I felt 'meh' about. But I learned some new things and had fun. I didn't win any prizes, but I guess just having all of the pages done is prize enough. :)

All of the credits can be found on the individual pages at Flickr.  

I also have a couple of Project Life spreads to upload, but am saving those for another day. LOL.

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