Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hello April

March seemed to have caught me totally off-guard. I started the month off strong, but somehow fizzled along the way. I dropped the proverbial Calvinball and never kept up with my layout posting/points. I did not finish my 30 Days of Lists. Yes, March kicked my ass.

School has completely frustrated me. I have a BA and a MFA under my belt and am qualified to teach at university level, but this school and program make me feel like an idiot because I honestly cannot understand what they want. It is like hitting a moving target to get my Capstone documentation passed. Ridiculous. I will submit it, get it kicked back, change the things she said were problematic, resubmit it, and then get it kicked back again with almost a 180 on what needs to be done. All this after the original research proposal I submitted was approved without any changes. I give up. At this point, I don't see how I can possibly get it done in time. Then, if I don't, I get put on "administrative leave" and will have to "reapply" to finish the damn capstone. The only positive thing about that is maybe I'd get a new capstone adviser and will be paired with someone who makes sense.

And in March, I was still trying to find my way through the maze of "solutions" for some ongoing health issues. At the end of the month I realized that not only am I missing answers or real applicable solutions, but now I will have to start over with a new neurologist because the practice I'm currently with is closing at the end of April. Huh? Seriously? As if constant headaches and pain weren't enough? Now I have to find someone new and start fresh? Geez. My massage therapist has decided to ratchet things up a notch because I wasn't finding any relief. She almost killed me yesterday, and when I left, I did have a bit of relief, but today, I'm feeling locked in again. Ugh.

Oh, and it rained. A lot. Like a lot lot. :p

All of this is just dumb. I'm not trying to whine/complain. I'm just explaining where I was at when March came to a  close. LOL. I'm determined to OWN April.

Here are pages I haven't already posted that I got done during March.

For one of the Digi Dares. I was so excited to win!!  :)  

And my favorite of the month. For one of the Throwback Thursdays... I scrapped a picture of Jessica right after she was born.

I am just so happy it is April. I love Spring and am hoping that it will make up for all of the ugliness of March. How was your month?

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Witch Baby said...

I Adore These Layouts - Makes Me Wanna Hot The Scrapbook Again. Maybe Next Week After The Birthday Party Shenanigans.