Thursday, June 19, 2014


So in hopes of getting something done, I was on a mission to document a week from last year. For some reason, I picked Week 32, only to find out that it was the most boring week ever.

I had a bad health week, so I ended up with very little in the way of pictures... like hardly any. I even asked my daughter if she had any from that week, but she didn't. I started out on my two-page spread and was committed to it (for some reason, I couldn't stand the thought of a one-pager when all the rest are two). I thought I'd be clever and look for what happened in the world that week (celebrity issues, movies that opened, politics, etc.). Basically nothing really happened that week. I even checked the British news. There was unrest in Egypt, but I really didn't want to include that since it wasn't much of an issue for us directly. And then Area 51 was recognized by the US, so I thought I'd include that since I was a big X-Files fan. But it was really pushing it to get this week done. LOL. Of course now that I'm finished, I thought about putting gas and grocery prices (we save our receipts for taxes), but I guess I'll save that for another boring week.

I love Nisa's Eclectic Mix cards, and her fun graphic style, so I used a lot of cards from her (Splendid Fiins) and then filled in from there. I found the picture of the alien with the Area 51 title from the internet and then super-imposed a little picture of Mulder and Scully in the eyeball.

It may have been a boring week, but it is done! LOL.

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