Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hung Up On: Project Life | A MSA Post

It may seem like it is a strange time to bring this up, two-thirds of the way through the year… but I’m really enjoying Project Life/Pocket Scrapping right now. Of course at the beginning of the year, I was really jazzed about it. I got a cover done, started my first weeks’ pages, and was feeling so inspired. Then, life got in the way. There were parties to plan, housework, doctor appointments, and a whole slew of different things that erupted and just got in the way of my well-intentioned plans to “keep up” with my yearly project. It happened last year too (at Week 15). And last year, I stressed myself out about not keeping up, and I ended up dropping the project almost all together. I was trying too hard to fit my pages into my need-to-be-scrapped pages for creative teams, and it just all felt too forced. But toward the end of the year, with people talking about December Daily, I was re-energized about my project and I did do the last several weeks of the year.
This year, I decided that I wouldn’t stress out about it. I have been keeping track of things going on in our lives, and doing pages when I can fit them in. So my interest seems to have re-blossomed. I’m inspired by all of the pages I see, and the products just seem to be getting better and better.
Here are some of the things I’ve been hung up on lately…
by Tina Aszmus

by Lisa Truesdell

by Geralyn Sy

by Marcy Penner

by Celine Navarro

by RebeccaH

by RebeccaH

by jenevang

by jenevang

by editorialdragon

by Mrivas
by Mrivas

by sarahbhb

by posiegirl

by rlma

by nikkiARNGwife

by JuliettePerkins
by julietteperkins

And some products that have been catching my eye lately…

Be sure to let us know what sorts of Project Life type things you’re loving lately.

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