Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hung Up On Pocket Journals | A MSA Post

I’ve been a long-time fan of Don and Jules, the Sissy Sparrows sisters, but this week, I wanted to share a new product line from them and show you just why I’ve gotten hung up on their Pocket Journals.

I started out (as many of us do) as a paper scrapper, and then had less time, space and opportunity to create paper projects. There are times I’m tempted to dabble in hybrid (like with pocket scrapping), but even that requires a lot of printing, calculating, planning, etc. But now, with Pocket Journals, it is easy. There isn’t any real mess. They are cute and fun to put together. And you only need to print one piece of paper!
You can be as creative as you want, then just save, print, cut and fold. No muss, no fuss. Then you have an adorable little journal that you can carry around with you or save in a handy (and equally cute) storage box.
Take a look. There is really nothing like it in digiland. :)

And some of the images from the completed journals.
Sissy Sparrows

 by Em
by Eszter

by scrapsandsass

by Eszter
Not only are they releasing the entire pocket journal kits (once a month or so), but they are also offering additional backgrounds and element packs to allow for greater creativity and expansion.

And as I mentioned before, there is an adorable little printable storage box with tabs.

Here is a picture of a completed box with tabs and journal.
by Amber Button

They have also started a Flickr group to show off your journals and share in the fun.
And seriously, if that isn’t enough to make you fall in love with them, then maybe you need to check out the completely adorable promo video the girls did. I love my Aussie girls. :)

Let us know if you’ve made any pocket journals and link up to pics of your projects.

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