Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday... I'm in Love!

There are some days/times when I think about how much I love Tim and it just makes me so happy. :D Today is one of those days. For no real reason. I snuck a "I love you" card into his lunch today, so hopefully he will find it. Sometimes he just eats at his desk and leaves part of his lunch in the bag... so we'll see.

Here is a layout I did using a picture of him that I really liked.

This was one of those quick pages by Michelle Underwood. I love her stuff even though I feel like I'm cheating by using her quick page.

I'm not feeling very good today. Last night, I was watching tv in bed, and Tim had just put on his breathing machine and was going to go to sleep. I thought that he was all settled in, and he was still apparently trying to adjust his mask... so... I leaned over to give him a kiss just as he was adjusting. I ran smack into his elbow coming down. It hit me right in the eye/nose area. I couldn't believe how bad it hurt. I cried and cried. He felt so horrible. I thought for sure that I was going to have a black eye, but I lucked out. It is just a little puffy. But I am having serious sinus pain and a headache from it. Yuck! He was still feeling really bad this morning, so I teased him about his elbow and checked it for bruises. Hahaha.

The other day, I was reading Holly McCaig's blog, and she was talking about drama and people being negative. So I commented on her blog and she mentioned it today. I was really surprised when I heard back from her and she asked if she could post it. But it made me feel happy that a small comment could have impacted her day.

Anyhow... we've got dance lessons tomorrow and then no plans for the rest of the weekend. We will probably try to get the rest of the "library" painted. We have to do one more coat of the deep garnet to get it to look right. Then we can start on the suede accent wall and do the trim. I still have to find a light fixture for the room and then a nice comfy chair and a reading lamp... and then a futon/day bed sort of thing... an area rug and the shelving. We may look into putting cork down on the floor. I don't know though. Tim said something (teasing me) about getting a gas fireplace in there... I'd love it, so that may be off in the future. But they are fairly expensive, so I don't think it is going to happen anytime soon. :)

I've been realizing that I am spending waaaaaay too much on digital kits lately! I need to slow down!!! But there are some really cute things around!! Yesterday I was looking at my external hard drive and couldn't believe how many cute kits I already have in my possession that aren't being used. Maybe I'll motivate myself by setting a goal of using 3-5 kits that I haven't used yet before I can buy a new one. :) Hee hee... I'll be a scrapping maniac!

Okay... I just popped over to Sara Carling's blog to see if she started her Grey's challenge again. I had lost her blog link, so I went through four other people's blogs to connect... hahahaha... good thing the digi community is still relatively small. Anyway, she had the cutest shoes showing on her blog. Check these babies out. I am going to have to get a pair now!! I'm not usually one of those people who say that kind of thing, but I just thought they were cute and comfy looking. :)
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

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miyon said...

Oh man, those are awesome shoes. I usually buy something with at least an inch heel, though, because I'm SO short (under five feet!) and want to appear taller.

I went through a digi kit spending spree a couple of months ago. I have so many unused kits on my ehd, too. For shame. lol Should we make a pact together? Would we be able to abide by it??

That's cool that she acknowledged your comment -- I'm sometimes nervous commenting on other people's blog, especially if they're really talented... feel like such a peon sometimes. lol

Sorry about the puffy eye... OUCH!