Thursday, September 21, 2006


I do believe that I am getting a cold. My nose has been sniffly for the past couple of days now and Jessica is suffering with a more advanced bout of sniffles and runny nose. Ack! Must not be sick!

Last night, Tim talked to the kids and got off the phone and was totally depressed. Sam keeps telling him to come back soon and as often as we can. Emily was already talking about Christmas break. And I guess Allison has already made Thanksgiving plans, so that means we are out of luck that weekend. I hope that Tim puts his foot down and comes up with a schedule to give to Allison. We will have to set something up or it sounds like she's just planning on us coming over and that will be the only time we see them. It just infuriates me.

I am frustrated with myself today because I went to sleep too late last night, and then I actually woke up on time and felt like I was going to get up and get going, and then I thought... well, I could lay back down for just a few minutes in the warm cozy bed... so then I fell back to sleep and woke up a half hour later. Grrr. Then the traffic was sheer hell. Even with the carpool lane, it took us over two hours to get to work!

We have a homeless couple who has moved into our parking lot. They have blocked off the inside stall (covered by the upper parking lot) and they are living there. Originally, it was just a guy, but now he's found himself a girlfriend. Yikes! The other morning, one of the program assistants parked and the couple was having sex. Ewwwww. It is sad because they are homeless, but at the same time, having a hubby who develops low-income housing for non-profits that help to end homelessness, I know that there is a choice being made. Whether it is the fact that they don't want to stay in a shelter or struggle with mental illness or refuse to get help to kick drugs/alcohol, I don't know... but there is help available. I just really wish that there was something that I could do to help.

Last night, I made a really cool digi brush based on a vibrating machine that was in our cheezy motel room. Now it has me thinking about an entire kit based around it. Hmmmm... I need to try to work on that. :D

I was working on the sketch challenge (at the Digichick) because Rachael uploaded a great template for us to use. I was really excited about my layout, and then my darn computer froze when it was trying to save it and it shut down Photoshop. I was sooo mad. I ended up re-creating it, but by that time, I was so tired, I didn't put much effort in to make it how I really wanted it. But here it is...

I'm hoping to get some work done today so that I can get my desk cleaned off. I actually may try to go and get some lunch today. Hee hee. It would be completely unusual to escape the office. But I am truly not in the mood to work.

The other night, we were watching some made-for-tv movie that had Patrick Dempsey in it as well as Kimberly what's her name from Father of the Bride. She was trying to find love and not enjoying her life as a lawyer, so she up and quit her job. Oh... the fantasies I was having about that!

Speaking of Patrick Dempsey... tonight is the Grey's Anatomy season premiere! I am so excited. I will have to try to track down Sara Carling's blog to see if she is going to continue her Grey's Anatomy scrap challenge.

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miyon said...

I am beginning to believe I am the only person on earth who does not watch Grey's Anatomy!

That's a nice layout. I've never had PS freeze up on me and I hope that it doesn't because I am not very good about saving my work until the very end. Eek.

Yeah, make a kit!!