Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hello, my name is Kim. I'm a dew-a-holic.

In all seriousness... it is terrible. I hate being addicted to something. I guess it could be worse. I could be a gambler or a drunk or druggie... but I still don't like the feeling of not having control over an aspect of my life.

I actually once kicked my habit when we were in Fiji. The Dew in Fiji tasted so horrible, I couldn't stand it. So I stopped. Cold turkey. I came back from Fiji, and had the hounds of addiction behind me. Then, months and months later, I hired an IT guy who drank Mt. Dew by the truckload. He had tons of empty bottles littering his office/desk. It triggered my weakness. I am such a sucker for the power of suggestion!

I succumbed and had "just one" and then I was back to being hooked. Although it is weird. I don't drink it in the cans or really even drink it in bottles anymore. It is too sweet. I have to have it from the fountain, diluted with ice. So now I'm a 7-11 junkie. I stop every morning to get my fountain fix. I bribe my daughter to make the run for me if I don't feel like going on the weekends. And sometimes my dear husband will make a run to the grocery store to get breakfast fixins and he will get my habit there.

There is nothing quite like the first sip of that cold Dew in the morning. *sigh*

So thanks to the Sweet Shoppe Designs blog, I scrapped my addiction. They offered up a challenge and I decided to share my habit with the world. Hoping that I can prevent someone else from suffering the same fate. :)


MiYon said...

When I was younger (in my very early 20s) I drank TONS of caffeine. I would go to my job as a bookkeeper at 8 a.m., have about an hour off, and then go to my other job at a fiveplex until midnight. At the cinema, we got free pop. I bet I drank close to two gallons of pop (mostly Coke and Dew) a DAY. I needed the caffeine to keep me going. I know how it is. What can you do? lol

Pam said...

Very cute page! I love that kit of Shawna's its one of my favs! I don't drink any soda at all but Fresca would be my fav if I did. ;)

smkh1117 said...

Awesome page! I am exactly the same way about diet coke!