Friday, October 27, 2006


I'm seriously thinking of holding auditions for someone to be my substitute husband for those weekends when my dear man goes over to visit his kids and leaves me at home alone. I figure that since I've got an active imagination and am shooting for the impossible, I will just create a list. Job description for such a husband?

*Pamper me by letting me sleep in, giving me a gentle massage, and providing me with Mt. Dew when I need it
*Tell me how wonderful I am
*Let me work on fun projects and skip housework and cooking entirely
*Feed me things that are heavily-laden with garlic
*Don't get irritated when I take over the remote control
*Bring me flowers
*Entertain me when I'm bored

Hmmm... that about covers it. I think that would soothe me while I was missing Tim. Any takers?

Yeah, I didn't think so. I can't even get my real husband to do all of that, so I don't think a replacement will do the trick. Hahahahaha.

The truth is... I am missing him already. He just left not even an hour ago and I'm cranky. The stupid part is that I wasn't even nice before he left. So now on top of being sad and missing him, I'm also feeling guilty. I mean, I wasn't outright mean or anything... but I just didn't feel like being all sweet and nice because the whole thing bugs me. I don't begrudge him the right to see his kids and I completely understand how important it is that he does see them. I am just irritated that the actions of the ex-wife have once again disrupted our lives and she gets away with it... so I'm the only one who is left in the cold. I guess I could be mature and not think of it in terms of her winning and me losing, but it is kind of hard not to at this point.

Anyhow... I'm going to try to be in a better mood. I went out and turned on the heat in my studio a little while ago, so I'm going to go out and get a bag of stuff ready for the crop I'm going to this evening. I'm kind of nervous about going. I don't know anyone there and I really hate being the odd person out at an event like that, but I felt like I should make a focused attempt to get some stuff done and I know I won't do it if I'm left to my own devices at home.

I have lots to do this weekend. I'm going to work on my "You Think You Know Me" book and then on Saturday I'm going to do some digital stuff to catch up on my CT things. Then I'm going to lounge around and read my new Stephen King novel "Lisey's Story" while it is quiet and I can concentrate without interruptions. Then there's always that pesky housework to attend to. But I'm going to try to limit that. LOL. :)

I am working from home today since the Toyota isn't working and I didn't want to drive the truck into Seattle and then fight traffic without a carpool partner. I'm glad that I was able to pull that one off today since I also need to get my stuff ready for tonight. I guess I 'd better get to it!


*Friday Feast*

Okay... I'm back. Hawaiinbrat at TDC posted an article on her blog about ways to keep up with your blog during the week. One is called Friday's Feast. It gives you little prompts to answer. So here goes...

Appetizer - Create a new candle scent = buttered popcorn
Soup - Name one way you show affection to others = joking around with them and/or being attentive
Salad - what is your favorite writing instrument = lately it is the computer only because I can write faster. But there are days and certain pens that call out to my soul, begging me to pick them up and write.
Main Course - if you were given $25 to spend anywhere online = probably these days it would be or maybe or
Dessert - are you dressing up for Halloween? = No... we don't do the whole Halloween thing. Tim hates it and thinks it's a useless holiday.


MiYon said...

LOL I'm diggin' that list esp. entertain you when you're bored. hahaha :D

Pam said...

I'm thinking all of us would have to write an ad similar to that if thought about it hard! ;)

Sorry you have to be alone! Hope you have fun at the crop and get lots done! No scrapping for me this weekend and I'm having withdrawals!

Marcie Reckinger said...

I like your list of critera's for the substitute husband if you find him please send him my way when my dh has to leave! :) Having ex's and kids etc can be an awful mess for sure! My dh and I both brought a set of kids into our marriage (nope we don't have any kids together) his...mine...and now they have become "ours". But anyhow I hate that his ex is giving you so much trouble..that just stinks!