Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday Shopping

It is Saturday and it is already after 5:00! Weekends are waaaaaay too short.

Last night, Tim and I went to Wayne's Inn. We've passed it about a million times and the parking lot is always full, so we've joked around about going in even though it doesn't seem like a place where we'd fit in. But yesterday, Tim decided that we should take the adventurous route and try it out since Jessica was at work and we could just eat there. We did, and it was fine. It is kind of an odd mix of a crowd, but it was okay. They had a prime rib dinner special for $10.85, but we were kind of afraid of that. We decided we'd get burgers to be safe. So we were pleasantly surprised at the quality. We go to the Ram on occasion, and I felt like the burgers at Wayne's were better than those at the Ram... at about half the price. So I'm sure we'll go back at some point, but I'm going to be careful about what nights we go. When I was checking out their website today, I saw that they have an occasional wet t-shirt night. Eek. They even had a picture slide show... kinda skanky. Anyway, as long as that isn't going on, I'm sure it is fine

Today I had a few errands to run. I popped in to say "hi" to Jessica at work and then headed over to Ben Franklin Crafts to see if they had a particular Basic Grey paper I was looking for. They did! Yay! They also had several other papers I couldn't live without so I had to buy those too. I keep telling myself that I'm going to be using some for Christmas presents, so that makes me feel better. :) I also picked up a couple of canvases because they were having a grand re-opening sale where they had them marked down 50%. Can't beat that!

Then I had to run to Target to find a sweater for Kate. She went outside this morning and was just totally shivering. It surprised me because it didn't seem *that* cold. So I found a little pink-striped puffy 'coat' for her. It was really the only thing that had velcro, so I picked that because sometimes it is hard to get her legs into the holes when she's all excited.

I found some cute cargo pants for Tim and then a red sweater (red is his favorite color even though he has nothing that is red).

I rounded the corner to head out and ran across a clearance section of bedding. I found a sheet set for only $24 and a comforter/sham set for only $29. For king-sized stuff, those are some really good deals. I don't particularly like the bright color/pattern of the comforter, but I have a duvet cover I can put over it if I decide to. Last weekend, we took some comforters to the laundromat to do the wash/drying all at once, and I was telling Jessica that I needed to sort them out and get rid of a couple of the older ones. This will be the perfect excuse. I have one comforter that is over 18 years old. My mom and step-dad got it when they were married. It also doesn't fit the bed, so I just keep it on my side to add to the cocoon, but I should either get rid of it or give it to Jessica. Anyway, here is a picture of the stuff I got.

Geez... I'm starting to feel a little Gina Miller-ish. :)

I also did some digital shopping today. I picked up the collaboration kit from the girls at SSD and The Digi Chick. Yay! I also grabbed Christy Lyle's cool date stamps and some other stuff that I can't remember off of the top of my head.
And now I'm anxiously awaiting the chat over at Divine Digital with Kimberly Giarrusso and Julie Howard (I think). Anyway, they have a great kit they're unveiling there. So I'm hoping to get in on that action because I've seen some really great layouts from the kit.
I was telling my mom that I'd like a GC to Designer Digitals for my b-day. They have a cool album kit out that is all of the easy templates. I'd like to get that for the scrapbook I do for Ali & Tom. It would make things a lot easier if I could have a bunch of two-page spreads that I could throw together. I have been picking up a few templates here and there. Some freebies and some not... but I think I'll have a much easier time with Isaac's scrapbook using those! Half of the work is done for you! You just have to pick the kit, the pics and the embellies. Super fast!
I've got a bunch of layouts to catch up on. There are so many challenges out there, I can barely keep track of them. I need to either use the planner from Holly McCaig (My Digital Muse) or put together the one I downloaded from Dianne Rigdon that pertains to digital scrapping. So much to do... so little time.
Rachel uploaded her new kit for the team to pick up. Her kit will be available at Plain Digital Wrapper on Monday (I think). It is so gorgeous! Lots of cool luscious textures and some really neat elements. Can't wait to play with that tonight/tomorrow! Here are some of the layouts I did with her last kit "Theresa."

I've gotta run and see what Jess is yelling at me about ... and then get some dinner started so I can have time for the chat. Yikes!

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MiYon said...

Cool stuff you bought! I LOVE Basic Grey, too. Wild Asparagus papers, as well. When do you find time to attend all the chats and crops? I really suck at time management right now. lol I keep seeing all these kits I want but I promised myself not to buy a single thing until I scrap with every kit in my collection at least once. So far, so good!