Monday, August 06, 2007

Oi Vay! It's Monday!

Why does it seem like time is just on fast forward lately? Weekends just become a big blur and I feel like nothing that I planned to get accomplish gets accomplished. This weekend was a prime example. I wanted to get some things sorted and organized and catch up on laundry and cleaning... not to mention get my paper done. But did I get any of that done? That would be the big N-O.

Friday night, Tim and I went to dinner at The Ram. It was nice because we were able to get a seat in the bar without waiting forever. The only downside was that the music was BLARING! so we couldn't really talk or hear each other much. I'm not sure what was up with that. I thought that it was funny because we each got a salad and a triple prime burger. I ordered mine well done and he got his medium well. We weren't quite finished with our salads when they brought the burgers. Tim hurried and finished his salad and then got to work on the burger. By the time I got to my burger, he was basically finished with his. I realized that mine wasn't done that well and it was pretty pink in spots, which totally grosses me out. I didn't end up eating much of it once I picked around to the spots that were actually brown. Tim said something about it and I told him that it was really pink. So he tells me that his was too done. The realization that he got the wrong burger didn't hit him. :) What a funny guy.

After dinner, we went to Best Buy to look at LCD tvs. We've been talking about getting one for quite a long time and Tim was ready. The thing that baffles me is that they treat it like you are buying a car or something. We were in the store for a freakin' hour and a half. No lie! It is as bad as getting new cell phones. (I think we wasted two hours doing that last month.) In the age of technological advances, it seems ludicrous that you can't speed the process up. Of course a lot of it was the sales pitch. I know that, at one point, I was standing there, fake smile plastered on my face, screaming mentally and hoping that Tim would hear me. I wanted him to just say "yeah, we'll take it" if only to shut the guy up. You go in to those stores wanting to just pick up a tv. But then you have to hear the big pitch... and then once you make the decision, there are 100 other options and things you have to go through. Everything from whether or not you're going to mount the tv to what cable you use, from whether you have Comcast to what you will use to clean the screen (a water and polymer mix that costs $19.99 a bottle!). The guy just kept rattling off all of these options and things we needed to add on, and I know that Tim was feeling like I was (trapped). I thought he was going to start gnawing his own leg off or something. The guy brings up the surge protector and we both jump in with "we have one"... which, as it turns out, wasn't exactly true. But we just felt like we had to salvage something from the experience. So Tim got up at the you-know-what-crack of Saturday morning and worked on staging everything to install the tv. Whatta guy! In the store, the tv looked like it was going to be small. But man, on our wall, it seems huge. I'm glad we didn't get a bigger one.

Saturday was a busy day for me. I was going to be having a "date" with Tammy... such a cool chickadee! I just really like her. I'm so glad that we got a chance to meet. We met for lunch before heading over to the River and Sound Review live production. It was great to get a chance to talk to her more and find out what paths in life she has been on to get her to the current spot. I have a new respect for her with some of the things she's been through. What a strong woman!

The River and Sound Review show was great. Lots of good readings and musical performances. The singer they had Saturday had an amazing voice. I looked over, at the beginning of the show, and saw Troy Kehm-Goins and Keira (not sure of the spelling). She is completely adorable! It was so nice to see him. We got to chat for a couple of minutes after the show and I got to take a picture of the two of them (since I had my camera there and was getting pictures of the show for Jay).

After the show, I took Tammy back to her car and raced over to the mall to find something to wear for Shauna's wedding. Eek. There was nothing I liked. So then I picked up some wrapping paper and headed back to home to scramble and get ready for the wedding. Mom and Liz came over and rode with us. It was a nice wedding. Shauna looked beauti-mous! I felt totally old/out-of-place at the reception. In the first place, Tim doesn't like to dance, so that sort of makes things difficult. And then, when everyone started getting out there and dancing, they had hit the tipping point with alcohol and weren't above dirty dancing. I thought for a moment we'd been transported into some bad movie filled with strippers. Mom and Liz stayed the night and we sat around in the morning until Liz had to go to work. Mom came back and we went up to Aaron Bros because I'd been bragging about the good deals I'd found there. She found a ton of stuff, so she was excited. Stockpiling the present closet.

I needed to work on my paper, but then we got caught up in the Law & Order SVU marathon (on the big new tv), so I didn't get much done. Then Jessica came home and wanted to see the Bourne series. So we went in search for them at the video store. Of course, they only had the second one, so we headed to Fred Meyer. They had a boxed set with the first two movies for $16, so we snagged that and headed home to watch them over dinner. A boring-couch-potato day, but I needed it. I was having painful neck spasms on Saturday. Yesterday, I just felt like a truck had hit me. Now I'm going to have to run at full blast all week to catch up on things. Yikes! I figure I can scoot home and get some dishes done and the kitchen tidied up before I pick Tim up. We can have a simple taco dinner tonight and then I can get my schoolwork done and get us a little bit back on track. Crikey! Life is crazy!

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