Monday, August 25, 2008

Read Write Poetry Prompt #41 Get Your Poem On

I just stumbled across a website filled with coolness… and poetry. :) Check out They had a prompt where you took the "bare bones" of someone else's poems and basically fill in the blanks. I used Annamari's "bare bones" and tweaked it a little, but thought that it was a lot of fun to play with. I didn't read her version first, but after I did, I felt totally inadequate. :)


Your fingers slide my patience
somewhere between aside and blind,

stop to fiddle in the middle.
"I aim to tease."

To please. To pluck
chords in harmonious ratio

of sunshine days vs. long strong
night songs sung by skin-stung

lips glistening for the moon.
You kissed my falling star

out of the black night fabric of
desire - worn thin at the end

of the giving season. Breaking
point: your wish not frayed

but granted. Trace slow sky lines,
another slide. The end. Sigh.
Patience again, patience.

Here is the "bare bones" format I started with (from Annamari)...

Your fingers ___my ____

between ____ and _____

stop the _____ in the ___

“I ____ to _____”

To _____,

harmonyof ____.

To ____?

was ____for the ______

wearing a _________

at the _____ of the season.


You wish not

to ____

but ____.

Another ______

you will end

with ____:

“Thy ______ Love,



lissa said...

I also try Annamari's skeleton but it didn't come out right, I think hers a rather difficult one to write but you did a pretty good job and it reads quite fluidly

and thanks for visiting my blog

Annamari said...

As I mentioned, I like it. What I really thought looking at the half worded sample I posted for the prompt was that it could be something really playful. And you did just that…