Friday, March 12, 2010

Bad Medicine

I am tired of having a back “injury.”  I say “injury” because I’m not really sure what happened to it in the first place.  All I know is I was fine one minute, and the next minute, I felt like I had a sore back, and it progressively got worse until I ended up in urgent care: crying, shaking and struggling to climb off the x-ray table.  I had “compression issues” and a “severe pelvic tilt” which meant that one leg was over an inch shorter than the other.  Fun times. 

No work.  Off to PT, Chiropractor, back to the doc, on muscle relaxers, ibuprofen and ice packs.  They gave me vicodin (the cure-all for the medical profession these days) but it does nothing for me, so I skipped it.  Now I’m on the  last work day at home before the weekend and the eventual return to work on Monday.  I’m kinda scared to return to work because I know my problem is not resolved, and I don’t want it to get back to the way it was before.  It has improved, but last night I was in tears from pain, and cranky from the steroids that they made me start taking on Wednesday.  They cause sleeplessness and irritability… just what someone needs when they are in pain. 

I’ve been doing some painting today, hoping that the creative therapy will stall the pain and make me feel better.  So far it is better than yesterday, so that is good.  I’m working on three paintings now.  I am finishing one that I started quite some time ago, re-doing one I wasn’t even close to finishing before, and laying the background for another that I’ve had in mind for awhile.  All in all, I’m realizing that I have a definite color palette that crosses all of my stuff lately.  Maybe that will be my signature?  Probably not a good idea.  Maybe I will just finish these and get the colors out of my system. 

Here’s a little mini scrapbook/art journal layout I threw together this afternoon.  Kind of gives the feeling of the day. 


The elements are all from Fiddlette Designs at 

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Theresa said...

Hey KTG,
Just checking in. Read your pain post --- I've had incredible back/neck/shoulder pain for YEARS now. I tried a chiropractor and was sickened by his methods and felt no relief. Recently, I tried a guy who does craniosacral healing. I've been to him twice. It's not invasive and my, lord, I've felt relief --- the first time in years. If you're like me and anti-give-her-a-pill, I would look into such an approach in your area.
Take care. I hope your pain subsides!
Best to Jess and Kennedy too.