Friday, September 03, 2010


So does anyone else feel the burning desire to get crafty when the first sign of Fall is in the air?  I don't know what it is, but today I've been feeling inspired to paint canvases, make some cards, create noodles from scratch (although I have no clue how to do it), bake cinnamon rolls, and sew something.  Martha Stewart, look out!

Of course I didn't accomplish any of those things because the inspiration hit too late in the day and Little Man was being whiny for most of the afternoon (teething).  He did play in the Johnny Jump Up just long enough for me to get some dishes done and to *act* like I was on top of kitchen patrol.  Now he is in bed, but I am stuck entertaining my BIL (just arrived for the night) while my dear husband is out picking up a late dinner for us.  I need to get some writing done, so I think I'm going to sneak upstairs and do that once he returns from his errand.  I'm not in the mood to sit with two grumpy men.  :p

It is the start of the Labor Day weekend.  I'd like to try to get some things organized over the next couple of days and feel like I have things a little more under control once the quarter really gets into full swing (after next week apparently).  Maybe I'll have Jessica whip me up one of her infamous to-do lists.  She loves when I tell her I have stuff to do because she helps get the list together.  She should really be in management.  She is good about getting the "to-dos" down and insisting that they are done, but not as good at following her own advice.  LOL.

I saw an interesting class I'd love to take from Big Picture Scrapbooking.  It is called Saving Your Sanity: Throughout the Holidays.  I wonder if it can help with more than just scrapbooking and/or memory making?  ;)  My sanity can use a little saving.

OMG.  Tim just returned with our dinner.  I must say, it is amazing.  We called in an order to a Warthog BBQ.  We hadn't been there in years.  I got a pulled pork sandwich, and it is probably the best I've ever had.   Yum yum.  I guess I'd better end this before I get sauce on the keyboard.

Have a great weekend!

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