Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pretty Paper Party: Prompt 6

Ironically, today's prompt from Shimelle is about the cross-over or hybridization of scrapbooking.  We should be thinking about printing off something... but my printer is dead.  As of yesterday.  Well, technically the printer isn't dead.  Just the ink cartridge.  And not the color one, only the black.  But the funky condition of this printer doesn't even allow you to print color when the black isn't working (I've been able to do that with past printers... assuming you pick a color that really doesn't require black).  It figures that I'd run out of ink because I'm also in the middle of creating a canvas-based project for a friend of mine, and I need to print something out.  Tim ran to the store to pick up some groceries for dinner, but unfortunately they didn't carry the brand of ink I needed, so I'm out of luck until tomorrow when I can run up to Target.

So today I'm just going to base my project off of one of Shimelle's sketches as a starting point.  I opted to use a photo as a background instead of a paper to complete one of my portfolio challenges at Sweet Shoppe Designs.  :)

Elements from Grateful by Jenn Barrette & Shawna Clingerman

Hope you have a terrific weekend and are able to do something creative!

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Emily said...

Cute!! I love how it turned out!