Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Project Life Tuesday | July 16

In my Project Life experience thus far, I am glad to say that I realize that all weeks are not the same.  If all weeks were like this, I would never do this project.  But, this was a week where there was a lot going on, and I actually took a lot of pictures.  So I couldn't figure out what to do with it and then I just went all crazy. It took me forever to get this bunch done, but I pushed through and did it, so now I'm excited to move forward.

I'm linking up with the Mom Creative 

Valorie Wibbens - Fructose, Pockets No. 4/6/7, Little Details templates, 92 Arrows, Sunkissed (w/Jenn Barrette), Glittered Journal cards, The Little Things, A Bit Worn Hearts, Sprinkles 14/15
Splendid Fiins - Bright Idea journal cards
Amanda Yi Designs Let's Be Reckless papers, All Around Papers/Journal Cards/tabs, Rub Ons
The Edits - Call It Home journal cards, Pizzazz
Peeps & Milo - Stampers journal cards, Jar o' Gram
Amy Martin - 4x6 Stitched 2
Anna Aspnes - Urban Stitchez 5
Emily Merritt - Proof
Paislee Press - Hey There Handsome
Heather Joyce - The Distressed Duchess, The Heavy Hitter
Valorie Brown - Itty Bits


Donna Gibson said...

I love your PL pages! Unsolicited free advice: Consider doing the current week and going back to work on the other weeks as you have time. It will give you a feeling of being more caught up. Happy scrapping!

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

These look great! I totally understand some weeks being tough to work on, but you came out on top. :) I love how the Easter pics are all b&w except the eggs - really makes them pop! And I love the geotag card!

Nicole said...

Love your pages, and I agree with Donna's advice about doing the current week and then going back to older weeks. I did that when I was behind, and it motivated me so much more to get caught up, and made it feel not as tedious.
I really love all the different bright colours on your pages, especially the Zoo pictures!

stephanievarno said...

Your pages are awesome! I love the font you use for all the writing.

Craftcherry said...

I just love your pages. Your pictures of the zoo are amazing and you scrap everything so beautifully.