Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hung Up On Numbers & Letters | A MSA Post

Lately, I've been completely smitten with typography and/or using numbers and letters in scrap pages and/or home design.  These numbers and letters don't necessarily have anything specific to do with the page or the title or anything in the house (as far as design).  On the other hand, they very well may have some meaning behind them, but I like to just look at them and whether or not they are effective as a graphic elements... just for the sheer fun of it.

Here are some of the random letters and numbers that are catching my eye these days. via Pinterest

1796 by Danilo Base Oliveira via Flickr (via Pinterest)

pink paislee design via (via Pinterest)

Happy Note by lifelovepaper via Studio Calico (via Pinterest)

Jill Ricci mixed media (via Pinterest) via

collage by

by Chantalk

by mumkaa

Les Exercices photos de Maman by Maniscrap (via Pinterest)

by Marianne

by judy at
by Nine @ Studio Calico

by Chantalk

And then there are some fun kits full of number elements, letter elements, or both... and a wide variety of stamps, papers and other fun stuff to create some pages of your own.
Cityscape by Peeps & Milo, Lynn-Marie & The Edits

The templates below by Peeps & Milo are some of my favorites.  I totally love the numbers hidden behind the layers... and rumor has it that Peeps & Milo will be re-releasing the gorgeous December Daily-inspired page templates that have a lot of fabulous letters and numbers.  You will really want to check those out!!
templates by Peeps & Milo

by Lauren Reid

Sissy Sparrows


These pocket filler transparencies aren't obvious about their numbers, but there are some fun numbers in the crossword as well as that fabulous guest check.

And who doesn't need a giant letter or number for one of their pages?  It isn't all about pocket-style for these babies.  Throw them down anywhere on a page for an instant smack of graphic fun!

Michelle has some fun smaller numbers and text pages in this school-related set of papers...

This is a great set of templates for any time of the year.  You can use the numbers as a list or just for a graphic element.

And no one quite does numbers like the girls from Sissy Sparrows.  They add numbers to borders, overlays, elements, and papers that make everything so much fun to play with.

For a clean graphic look, Karla has some fun numbers and words that you can use in so many different ways.

And this kit has a lot of fun city-style numbers in paper and elements.

I hope that you found some numbers/letters that could inspire you.  If you have a page you've created with numbers or fun/funky letters, link us up below!

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