Friday, August 02, 2013

Project Life Blog Hop: Welcome Week 30

Thank you to Michelle for letting me participate in the Project Life Blog Hop.  (You can click on her name to see her blog and the rest of the hop.)  I was nervous volunteering because first of all, I do my pages digitally, and second of all, I'm really far behind.  

Since I started this year's Project Life, I've been terribly behind.  Maybe not in the first couple of weeks... but in my life, that is just the way things go. I can make it to appointments/meetings on time, but I'm perpetually behind in all things "project."  At this point, I'm half way (15 weeks) behind.  I guess I figured I would have no trouble catching up since I'm on a bunch of creative teams.  Unfortunately, my creative teams aren't really Project-Life-oriented.  :)  To make matters worse, I *just* signed up for the Studio Calico Project Life kit subscription and I bought the Midnight kit (and am hunting down the 5th and Frolic).  I have no clue why.  LOL.  I can't even keep up digitally, and now I'm going to inundate myself with physical/traditional supplies?!?  

Donna Gibson (who is on *the* Project Life creative team) suggested that, to catch up, work on the most current week first, and then go back.  She said that it keeps you motivated to keep going.  This week, I worked on Week 30 (and also Week 15).  

So here is Week 30:

I'm not sure that I like how the left page is bottom-heavy with pictures. Usually I've put a journaling card that sort of sums up the week, but I tried to do more journaling and didn't want to overdo it with a list of what went on.  

I tried to use the N style page this week, and I'm not totally sold on it yet, even though I do like the square photos in the center. 

Much more journaling this week and far less embellishing than I have in the past.  So now I have to finish up Week 15 and then double-up next week as well, and I can be caught up in no time.  Hahaha.  I'm sure that won't happen, but I'm still going to keep plugging away.  

Thanks for stopping by to visit.  I'd love to see what you are doing on your PL and how you are keeping caught up!

Credits: I used Becky Higgins Midnight, Guestbook & Rain (recolored); Valorie Wibbens - Pockets No. 6 & 7 (altered), Happy Thoughts kit, Tomorrow's Strength JC, Cotton Candy, Sprinkles 5 & 16, 92 Arrows; Heather Joyce - The Reed font; Designs by Lili - 4x6 Photocollages 1 & 4, 3x4 Photo Templates 2, Mixed Arrows; Allison Pennington - Chin Up JC; Peeps & Milo - Pippa Cards & Fillers; CD Muckosky - Markerific Alpha; Paislee Press - Downtime WA; Karla Dudley - Stamppress Life; Amy Martin - Needed More Stitching 6 & A Bit More Mess 


Anonymous said...

Love love love that your templates dont have rounded did you get them like that?

Carla said...

This is super cool! I have never seen a digital PL page before. I am behind, too, I think eight weeks. I can't seem to break the inertia! ACK!

Donna Gibson said...

Your pages are great, Kimberlee! I love your photos and that you've included lots of journaling. Thanks for the mention! :)

Jen said...

Great post! I've been doing digital PL for years, and each year I have a few missing weeks! I think Donna's idea is a great way to get caught up. Another thing you might try, which I think she does this too, is try to limit yourself to one kit per week. It can really speed up the process if you limit your supplies. I really love the "delight in everything ridiculous" card! That should be my personal motto, lol.
Great pages, and good luck getting caught up!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous week. I absolutely adore the "Delight in everything ridiculous" card. Is that your writing or did you find it somewhere ? I think I need it.

I didn't realise that your pages were digital until you mentioned it. Love the page overlay, think it gives it more depth, which is difficult when creating digitally.

And, of course, I love those sequins.

alexandra s.m. said...

i love your PL Kimberlee!!