Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Now & Then

Well, even though the title of this post is "now & then" it is really more like "then & then." No 'now' involved. Hahaha. But this post includes a page from 2014, and one from 2013... so it is sort of a now & then... if you count all of 2014 as 'now.'

I'm not sure if the Mom Creative is doing her PL Tuesday this month, but I thought I'd be ready just in case.  My computer has been acting up, so each page takes me literally hours, and I always end up wanting to tear my own hair out or banging my mouse against the desk. It is totally frustrating, and I desperately need a new CPU, but that isn't in the cards at the moment. So I'm just looking at this as a sacrifice for my art. Hahaha.

Here are my pages for Week 16 in 2013.

And here are my pages for the same week (16) in 2014.  I'm not sure that I'm sold on the background for these pages, but they are what they are at the moment. I might change them later.

My credits are insane. I used so many different things. But here is a list: VW - Pockets 6, Sprinkles 24-28; Caylee Grey - Bad Day Freebie; Amie Lamm - Boston freebie; Amy Martin - 4x6 stitched, Project Grids: Sixtytwelve 2 & 3; Becky Higgens - Polka Dot Party, Flea Market, Guest Book; Allison Pennington - Super Duper Big & Bold; Just Jaimee - April, May, June, August, September &
October Storytellers; Lily - 4x6 Templates 6; Paislee Press - Today Is, In Progress, Eternal Sunshine; One Little Bird - Love List elements, story unfolds, Hopscotch; Sahlin Studio - Documentary; The Distressed Duchess - Heather Joyce.  Hopefully I didn't miss anything!

Have a fabulous week, and I will be excited to see what you have been up to!

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